Twenty five Express swimmers qualified for the New York State Girls High School Swimming Championships at Ithaca College on November 20-21. 

What a great way to start the short course season! Proud! 

Top Row: Gabriella Meringolo, Ally Schillinger, Finola Heaney, Kali Nembach, Kylie Mulholland, Carrie Bonvissuto, Mia Bonvissuto

Middle Row: Molly McLoughlin, Jessica Whang, Wendy Mo, Claudia Brady, Alina Tucker, Miranda Gonzalez, Julia Giordano

Front Row: Olivia Ragusa, Morgan Rinn, Elizabeth Walsh, Georgeanne Zimmermann, Rose Kelly, Megan Smith, Caitlin Rappaport, Shannon Welcome

Also Qualifying: Garrity Kuester, Katherine Meyers, Anna Thompson